Presenting LambdaCat

My hobbies and interests can be a little varied, this blog wouldn't be very coherent if I posted about everything here.
So the plan is to make spin-off blogs and sites, and the first one is LambdaCat, a blog/screencast completely dedicated to Functional Programming.
There are already a bunch of posts on it about Clojure, Elm, Elixir, I'm having quite a bit of fun making them, now that finally I have a proper place where to put all the exploration I do. I have an unhealthy language churn rate, but I expect I'll be focusing on the above listed plus Erlang and Haskell and the odd Type Theory detour, like Idris, or maybe take a slow and careful look at Lambda Calculus. Or so I plan.

Also up next, I'll be talking about Clojure on Android at the FunctionalKats conference in lovely Dublin. I plan to have a series of articles on the subject up on LambdaCat leading up to the conference, here's the first.

So from now on this blog will be more about my subjective opinions about programming, and my other interests, namely natural languages, AI, cognitive science, personal genomics, and by $DIVINITY I have too many bloody interests to list :P

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