Intro to Programming notes - Liverpool Girl Geeks

For the first Liverpool Girl Geeks event I did a bit of an Intro to Programming workshop in Javascript, here are the slides and the notes:


The enumeration example didn't work because enumeration does not actually exist in Javascript ^^;;

But you can use it in many other languages such as C#, Python, Lua and more.

I'll leave the mistake for posterity... and to remind myself to check language features actually exist in the language I'm talking about.
That's what happens when you switch languages all the time xD

The code for the language intro follows pretty much what we did but is more concise.
In this one you'll need, before you run the code, to turn the console tab on and the output tab off, otherwise you won't see the code execution results, since everything happens in the console.

JSBIN code 1

The Three.js page you can play with:

JSBIN code 2

Any questions feel free to just give a shout here or on twitter or on google plus.

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