Android Clojure Tutorial

I did a talk about Clojure on Android at our local Liverpool Clojure Dojo a few days ago.

Recently a lot of work has been done to make Clojure on Android much better than what it used to be.
There already a few advantages to Clojure on Android, namely being able to avoid the xml files hell and class proliferation using Neko and interactive development directly on device, running a remote REPL on it.
The loading times are a few seconds, which is much better than before.

Here are the slides, and the github repository for the code.

The trickiest bit was setting it all up on everyone's machine, so that everyone was able to run the REPL on device and develop the app interactively.

We were mostly successful but some platforms, like Windows, are hard to manage. Instructions are included in the slides.

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